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Basic Care

Annual Physical Exam 
First and foremost an annual physical exam by your veterinarian is the most important preventive measure for your trusted companion.  Although it is important to get you pet it's "shots", it is equally, or more important to have your pet examined by your veterinarian every year, and prior to receiving it's shorts.  A thorough physical exam will alert you to conditions before they become problems, and assure you that your pet is healthy enough to respond properly to the vaccinations.  During your office call, please question the veterinarian on concerns you may have regarding your pet's behavior, weight, diet, aging changes, or other related issues.  While receiving an exam, your pet can have it's toenails trimmed for no extra charge.  Pets will hide their illnesses, so physical exams are important!

Fortunately for you dog, vaccinations are available to prevent many dog diseases.  Vaccinating your dog is the best and least costly way to prevent disease.  Continued protection can be assured by yearly booster vaccinations.

DHLPP is a five in one vaccine which protects against the following diseases: Canine Distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus.  This vaccine is required for all hospitalized, boarded, or groomed dogs.

Puppies between the ages of 6 and 18 weeks need a series of DHLP-P boosters every 3 weeks.  During this age the puppy's immune system is still developing and is more susceptible to these diseases than an adult.  Once the puppy is finished with this series of boosters, annual boosters are given.

Adult dogs should receive a yearly DHLP-P vaccination.  An adult dog that has never been vaccinated should receive an initial series of two vaccines 3-4 weeks apart. 

Rabies vaccinations are required by law for all dogs over 4 months of age to prevent both humans and pets from infection with this deadly disease.  In our country, most rabies occurs in wildlife, especially raccoons, skunks, foxes, and bats.  Rabies is spread by saliva of infected animals. 

Puppies should receive their first rabies vaccine at 3-4 months of age.  This vaccine is protective for one year.

Adult dogs receive a rabies vaccine every three years.

Bordetella is a vaccination to help prevent "kennel cough", a respiratory infection.  It is often required when boarding your pet or enrolling in an obedience class.  It is also strongly recommended for dogs with a history of chronic respiratory disease or heart problems.   This stubborn respiratory infection can keep dogs coughing for weeks or months.   The vaccine is most effective when given more than 48 hours before boarding or training your dog.  Annual boosters are necessary.

Lyme Disease vaccinations are available and recommended for dogs that travel to the northeast or Wisconsin/Minnesota.  The disease is sporadically present in Ohio, especially in the Goshen area.

Other Health Concerns

Intestinal Parasites  such as roundworms, tapeworms and hookworms cause sickness and problems with growth and digestion.  Most intestinal worms cannot be detected without a microscopic examination of a fecal specimen.  We recommend semi-annual stool examinations for early detection and treatment of intestinal parasites. 

Fleas often go unnoticed and cause discomfort, chewing, skin disease and even anemia.  If swallowed fleas can transmit into tapeworms.  A flea program is necessary to prevent flea infestation.  The pet's environment must also be treaded with a premise spray or borate powder.  Consult with your veterinarian before problems arise.

Heartworm is a serious parasite that infects dogs hearts and lungs.  The parasite is common in our area and transmitted by mosquitoes.  Dogs often have the disease for a long time before symptoms become obvious and eventually cause death.  Symptoms include coughing, weakness and weight loss.  Young puppies (6 months) can be started on heartworm preventive right away.  However, most dogs require a blood test before starting on monthly heartworm preventive.   Preventives are only available through veterinarians and are most effective when given year round.   An annual blood test is strongly recommended.

Spay/Neuter is one of the best preventive care measures you can do for your pet.  This surgery decreases the likelihood of many cancers and infections that could kill your pet.   Many undesirable behaviors such as urine marking, wandering, aggression, and hyperactivity can all be decreased or eliminated by this surgery.  We strongly discourage breeding your animal as the pet overpopulation problem is far to great to justify bringing more into the world.

Dental Care is one of the most neglected pet health care needs.  Puppies can become accustomed to proper dental care by periodic brushing with a pet toothpaste.  Peridontal disease is very common in older dogs, causes bad breath, and often serious infections.  A dental exam can determine whether your pet need preventive dental care such as scaling, polishing, and antibiotics.

Grooming your pet is a responsibility of pet ownership.  Bathing and brushing reduces itching and skin infections.  Routine clips may help with parasite control and make your pet much more comfortable.  Ear cleaning is also recommended every 2-4 weeks for routine care and more often for ear infections.  Our hospital staff can show you how to clean dog ears properly and what products are safe to use.

Diet Feed puppies only a GOOD QUALITY puppy food.  Puppies should be fed 3-4 times a day all they will eat within 15 minutes.  Do NOT leave the food out all the time.  It may be fed dry or moistened with hot water to bring out the flavor.

Crate Purchase a metal crate.  Keep the puppy in the crate at all times during the first 4-6 months when it is not under your DIRECT supervision.  This is the easiest way to housetrain the dog. 

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