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Tips To Bite Proof Your Family

These few tips may prevent an upsetting or even tragic situation resulting from an encounter with a dog.

1. Do not tease a dog.

2. Stay away from chained dogs as well as those behind fences.

3. Do not shout, run around or stick hands at dogs through fences or open car windows.

4. Never approach a strange dog.

5. Never disturb a dog while the dog is sleeping. Never wake a sleeping dog!

6. Dogs are possessive. DO NOT bother while eating, grab bones, balls, or other pet toys from a dog.

7. Never stick your hand into a dog fight. Get an adult to help.

8.  Recognize a dog's warning signs: barking, growling, snarling with teeth showing, ears flat, tail up, legs stiff, hair standing on dog's back.

9. Never stare a dog in the eyes.

10. Never turn and run away from a dog.

11.  Never crawl in a crate with a dog or under an object to get to the dog.

12.  If a dog is focused on something, get the dog's attention by calling its name or other verbal signal before approaching or touching. This means even your own dog.

If attacked, curl up in a ball on the ground and protect your head and face.

Remember what the dog looked like and where it went.

Report stray dogs to your county animal shelter.

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